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Fractal Art Forums

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FracFan Forum

Fractal Art Galleries

Under the Mei Plum Tree - Michèle Dessureault
Fractaldaydreams by Panny Brawley
The Fractal Art of Cornelia Yoder
The Spiral Quirk
Fractal Art by Collette Bailey

Digital Art

MOCA: Museum of Computer Art -- virtual digital art

Fractal Software

Ultra Fractal - Shareware, many fractal types
Apophysis - Freeware, IFS/Flame fractals
Xenodream - Commercial (with free trial version), 3D IFS and other 3D
ChaosPro - Freeware, many fractal types, can use formulas from the Ultra Fractal formula database
Fractal Explorer - Freeware, various fractal types
Fractint - Freeware, many fractal types
Chaoscope - Freeware, 2D/3D Strange Attractors and IFS
Dr Glitter Fractal Music Visualizer - For Winamp

Fractal Information

Fractals Unleashed - A good general introduction to fractals
Fractals at Yale - A more formal introduction to fractals
Fractals and Dynamical Systems - A formal introduction to fractals and Dynamical Systems

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