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Hi, my name is David Makin, welcome to my website and fractal blog.

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A little bit about me:

Well, I was born in 1962 and I'm a computer programmer by day and a fractal artist by night.

I was introduced to fractals in 1999 when I discovered a nice piece of fractal software called Fractint. After getting to grips with the various types of fractal generation methods I found Frederik Slijkerman's excellent Ultrafractal software which I now use to render all my fractal creations.

As well as producing fractal art I also write fractal formulas and algorithms for Ultrafractal, including both IFS and Escape-Time formulas and also colouring formulas, such as orbit-trap types.

Eventually I hope to be successful enough to change my current job which is computer programming and concentrate solely on producing fractal art. Some of my best work is available as prints, office packs or by license from this website. Two of my submissions to the Benoit Mandelbrot fractal art contest can also be found in my gallery, both of which won in the 2006 and 2007 competitions.

As work and fractals take up much of my time these days I'll be posting my fractal blogs when I have some spare time, hopefully that will be at least one every two weeks. Links to any new posts will always appear on the right-hand menu under the heading 'Fractal Blog Archive', you'll find any new posts always appear at the top of that list.

Hope you enjoy browsing my fractal art gallery and reading my fractal blog, thanks for dropping in.

Regards, David Makin

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